“Information doesn’t want to be free – people do.” – Cory Doctorow

People create, disseminate, and manage information.  My work:

  • Investigates the social systems that govern knowledge,
  • Uses history and sociology to understand current practices,
  • Employs scholarship to help improve future policies.

I have a background in history and I am currently doing doctoral study in information science and the history and philosophy of science and medicine. For the past fifteen years I have worked with universities, libraries, publishers, archives, museums, and other non-profits where I have been involved in research, publishing, fundraising, grant writing, community engagement, instruction, project management and policy.  I also have certificates in copyright management and in business.

If you are interested in learning more details, please look at my:

You can also reach me by e-mail, on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook

Some of my research is publicly available on ResearchGate, SelectedWorks, and ORCID or see some of my blog posts and other articles on Medium.










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