Shawn currently works as Head of Scholarly Communication, Copyright, and Publishing at Dartmouth College where he has . He has also worked with a variety of sectors including higher education, politics, information technology, cultural heritage, performing arts, and social enterprise. Shawn holds a PhD in information science from Indiana University, bachelor’s and master’s degrees in history from Ohio State University and the College of William and Mary, and a certificate in business from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Shawn has published and presented widely both nationally and internationally on topics including the history of nineteenth-century science, digital teaching methods, research management, computational analysis for textual studies, and data archiving. Over the course of his career, Shawn has also served in multiple leadership positions and committees within organizations such as the Association for Information Science & Technology, the American Association for History and Computing, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Association of College and Research Libraries, and Braver Angels, among others.

More information about Shawn  can also be found on his LinkedIn and Medium profiles or his CV which also include links to some of his publications and other writing.