Shawn Martin is the Head of Scholarly Communication, Copyright, and Publishing at Dartmouth College where he enables conversations between researchers, students, administrators, technologists, government and business leaders, community members, and others interested in the expansion of knowledge.

Shawn has a PhD in information science and master’s and bachelor’s degrees in history. In addition to Dartmouth, he has worked at both the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Michigan and has consulted with cultural institutions such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. He has published research on a wide variety of topics including scholarly communication, the history of higher education, and quantitative textual analysis. He currently teaches at the University of Illinois and has taught at both Indiana University and Drexel University.

You can reach him through e-mail, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Some of his research is publicly available on SelectedWorksResearchGate, GoogleScholar, and ORCID as well as a few working papers on Medium.