“Information doesn’t want to be free – people do.” – Cory Doctorow

Informationists provide tools, data, and expertise to solve problems (whether in medicine or other fields).  Historians bring multiple perspectives together and place them within a larger context.  Both professions focus on people, the ways they have solved problems in the past, and the ways they might try to do so in the future.

As both an informationist focused on modern-day problems and a historian interested in placing such issues into context, I endeavor to:

  • Understand the social systems that manage and distribute knowledge,
  • Bring together both theoretical and practical approaches,
  • Improve future information technology practices and policies.

I have a worked for over ten years in the field of scholarly communication and digital libraries.  I have a background in history, and I am currently doing doctoral work in information science and the history and philosophy of science and medicine. I have worked with universities, libraries, publishers, archives, museums, and other non-profits where I have been involved in community engagement, research, publishing, fundraising, grant writing, instruction, project management, and policy.

For more details about my work, please see:

You can also reach me by e-mail, on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook

Some of my research is publicly available on SelectedWorksResearchGate, GoogleScholar, and ORCID or see some of my blog posts and other articles on Medium.










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