Teaching Activities

History of the Book

A course that examines the history of written knowledge representation through manuscripts, books, digital media, and other forms in western culture, from the classical age to the present day.  Topics include cultures of reading, social impact of texts, methods of production, distribution, and classification, and historical influences like the church, state, and economy.

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User Tools and Services

Taught modules on copyright and digital libraries for course introducing students to basic information sources and services among different types of libraries and information centers, including academic, public, special, and school media.

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Digital History

Taught modules on website development for a course exploring history with digital tools like text mining, network analysis, spatial history and makerspace technology.

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Digital Humanities

Taught modules on topic modeling for a course introducing the use of information technology in literary and humanistic study including electronic editing, computational analysis of big data, and the cultural impact of information technology on society.

0116-digital-humanitiesPicture from  https://americanlibrariesmagazine.org/2016/01/04/special-report-digital-humanities-libraries/

Digital Libraries

Taught modules on digitization, production, and project management for courses covering the theory and practice of online collections and exhibits in both academic and community settings.


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